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NCDEX Live Rates

NCDEX live rates can be obtained and viewed at the website Listing of NCDEX live rates provides the rates of all commodities available in the market on a particular date at various cities spreading over India. A person can view both agricultural products and non-agricultural products listing at NCDEX live. Commodities like barley, Castor seed, chana, cotton seed oilcake, chilli, light sweet crude oil, coriander, guar gum, guarseed, jeera, kapas, maize feed, potato, pepper, mustardseed, soy bean, sugar m grade, ref soya oil, turmeric, wheat new are some of the agricultural products which are listed on NCDEX live. Non-agricultural products include gold, silver, steel long.

NCDEX live rates list provides the information about the name of the commodity, delivery centre, expiry date, best buy, best sell, LTP, Change, Change (%), High, Low, Open interest and the graphs of today? rate and contract since inception.

For example, wheat future had declined because of decline in the production of wheat in major states like Punjab and Haryana. This is because farmers are not satisfied with the marginal hike in wheat? MSP set by the government for the current year even though CACP had recommended a slightly higher price than MSP. This has resulted in hike in future price of wheat NCDEX December benchmark contract by Rs. 13 per quintal. 

NCDEX live rates help a trader to work on action of plan for the quantity of purchase and selling. This also reflects the ratio of increase in a particular commodity in the market in near future.

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