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NCDEX has online chart tool which has unique NCDEX charts tools which has features like:

  • Online Commodity Prices
  • Long Term Continuous Charts
  • Intraday Charts
  • Spread Charts
  • Seasonal Charts
  • Technical Indicators
  • Comparison Charts
  • Various Filter Views
  • Depth of the Market

NCDEX online chart facilities allow a trader to select the type of chart like online Chart or historical chart. Historical chart has two types of charts like bar chart and candle stick chart. Then from various commodities available from the list can be selected and at the last the contract date is selected. Depending upon the information fed a chart is drawn and a trader can easily make decision depending upon requirements.

NCDEX charts can be drawn for both agricultural products and as well as non-agricultural products. By viewing NCDEX charges of various products a person can decide and plan out his trading strategy. NCDEX charges not only help in decision making but also help in saving the product for future investment. NCDEX charts have been helping a large number of traders especially in India to decide when to invest and how much to be invested so as to make profit. These NCDEX charts help a person sitting in one corner of India and to analyze any product sold or bought in anywhere in India.

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